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Hansajolle - Hansa Dinghy

Part No.: AN3011/00
Scale: 1:6.5
Length: 940mm
Beam: 260mm
Draught: 170mm
Mast Height: 1050mm
Foresail Area: 10dm2
Mainsail Area: 25dm2
Weight: 1400g

The model can be operated with or without radio control system to the builder's preference, although the kit is prepared for the installation of an RC system. The internal fittings consist of precision-cut plywood parts which are fitted and glued together inside the vacuum-moulded hull. The deck is supplied accurately pre-cut, with printed planking

The kit contains:
Comprehensive staged building instructions, machine-trimmed vacuum-moulded plastic hull, sails, all wooden parts including deck, bulkheads, mast, cabin and rudder, plus all fittings and accessories.

224 boats of the Hansajolle type were built at the Abeking & Rasmussen dockyard between 1948 and 1969, but this small centreboard boat was designed by Henry Rasmussen way back in the 1920's. After its introduction its versatility soon made it a very popular boat, and it was adopted by the DSV (German Sailing Association) as the basis for a one-design class. The boat is 5.85 m long, and was designed to be a small, safe cruising boat for inland and coastal waters. The cabin is small, but there is just enough space for two sleeping berths.
In 1958 the vessel could be bought for around DM 7000, and the type became famous when Rollo Gebhard sailed Hansajolle No. 79 (Solveig) as far as the Red Sea in 1960 / 61. The 160 kg of lead ballast and the small cabin confer a high level of stability and safety on the boat, and the Hansajolle remains an active competition class within the DSV. Our model kit, to a scale of 1 : 6.5, is designed for beginners as well as more advanced modellers, and is based very closely on the full-size vessel.