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Princess - Sports Boat

Part No.: AN3081/00
Scale: 1:8
Length: 950mm
Beam: 315mm

The kit is of all-wood construction (plywood and mahogany) with a hard chine hull, which is the basic requirement for simple, fast assembly. All the wooden parts are very highly pre-fabricated, laser-cut or die-cut, and can be glued together after just a brief trial-fit and final trim. The hull is built on a die-cut Depron sheet jig which defines the position of the components; the builder can therefore immediately start constructing the boat. The hull is the same design as used for our Queen, which has proved highly successful. The open cockpit area takes the form of a complete, watertight cradle which can be removed to provide generous access to the power system and RC components.

The kit contains:
All wooden parts required to build the boat, fittings and propeller shaft.

The Princess is a model of a typical Italian sports boat designed in the middle of the last century, drawn up to a scale of around 1 : 8. Then as now the Princess is built from high-quality mahogany timber.