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Dolly - Harbour Launch

Part No.: R1005C
Scale: 1:20
Length: 550mm
Beam: 165mm
Displacement: 1200g

The kit contains:

  • Ready-made, red-pigmented hull, clear moulded superstructure (no glazing panels to cut out) and deck (all parts trimmed to shape) 
  • Full set of laser-cut parts for installing the power and radio control systems
  • Complete rudder system, stern tube and propeller shaft, propeller and coupling
  • Self-adhesive decals and window masks
  • Building instructions with drawings


Kit includes the Dolly Fitting Set featuring parts such as bollards, life ring, flag with flagstaff, horn and the complete lamps.


Radio-controlled semi-scale model of a launch to 1:20 scale.

This general-purpose boat type can be seen in many of the world‘s harbours. These small launches can be fitted out for a wide variety of tasks, and are commonly used to transport persons or materials; they can also be used as tugs for larger vessels if fitted with special towing gear, or even as fire-fighting launches.
The electric power system for our model of the Dolly has been carefully selected to suit the vessel, and the single-screw system provides an excellent scale performance. The hull features an integral screw tunnel, giving very good manoeuvrability. The recommended 6 V/1.3 Ah battery gives running times of up to 3/4 of an hour.

Crew figures not included.