ROMarin by Krick
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Dusseldorf - Fire Boat

Part No.: R1100C
Scale: 1:25
Length: 1160mm
Beam: 250mm
Height: 500mm
Displacement: 9000g

The kit contains:

  • Vacuum-moulded plastic hull, superstructure and other parts
  • Die-cut plastic decks and small parts
  • Die-cut plywood parts, e.g. motor bulkhead and pump plate
  • Three working fire monitors
  • Articulated boat crane
  • Two propellers, four rudder sets, all linkage hardware for RC installation
  • Painting masks
  • Decal sheet
  • Detailed building instructions and plan


Kit includes the Dusseldorf Fitting Set featuring parts such as companions, towing gear, lifebuoys, lamps, metal anchors, stanchions, horn and many other small parts, over 260 in total, for completion of the scale detailing.

The Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat was developed and built by the Rheinwerft company of Mainz-Mombach, and it is operated in the Ruhr industrial region of Germany. The vessel is designed specifically to cope with disaster situations, such as a ship on fire, a major oil leak or a harbour system in danger of explosion, and its fire monitors, operating at a pressure of 10.5 bar, can hurl water or foam 45 m high and a distance of up to 95 m. The two V-12 engines produce a total of 930 kW (1260 BHP), giving the boat a maximum speed of around 37 km/hr.

The ROMarin kit of the Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat is large and capacious enough to accommodate all the equipment required to emulate the wide-ranging facilities of the full-size vessel.
The plastic hull is moulded in thick-walled material, and it offers plenty of space for the numerous mechanical and electronic parts required for any auxiliary working systems. The model is propelled by two proven MAX Gear power systems, giving it an impressive turn of speed. Four large rudders guarantee extreme manoeuvring capability both forwards and astern.
Optional working systems include the fire monitors, crane, anchor winch, radar, searchlights, blue light, horn and siren, and also the sound of the diesel engines. The fire monitors can be swivelled horizontally and vertically from the transmitter, and with the recommended electric geared pump they can fire a jet of water a distance of 6 - 8 m. If a working boat crane is fitted, the vacuum-moulded rowing boat can be raised, swung outboard and lowered to the water in true scale style.