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Paula - Work Ship with Salvage Crane

Part No.: R1159
Scale: 1:25
Length: 710mm
Beam: 215mm
Displacement: 2500g

The kit contains:

  • Vacuum-moulded plastic hull and deck
  • Vacuum-moulded deck superstructure formed in clear material; windows do not need to be cut out separately
  • Die-cut internal hull fittings
  • Complete rudder system
  • Stern tube, shaft and propeller
  • Shaft coupling
  • All parts for the salvage crane
  • Decal sheet
  • Building instructions and plan
  • Complete fittings set

Please note, optional buoy set and crew figures are not included.

Radio-controlled model of a working ship with salvage crane to 1:25 scale - fittings set and motor included.

In many harbours of the world you will find examples of the full-size Paula. These industrious vessels are constantly shunting in and out of port to carry out their work in the coastal regions, around the estuaries of large rivers and in the harbour approaches. Manoeuvrable and very fast for their size, these working ships are employed for all manner of tasks. Amongst their duties are retrieving and laying sea warnings and markers, clearing away minor obstacles in shipping lanes and transporting special equipment required for marine research.
This wide-ranging versatility gives the imaginative modeller almost unlimited scope for completing and operating the boat.
The Paula III is the ideal model for the beginner and advanced model builder alike, but is likely to appeal to the traditional modeller who enjoys 'real' construction work. We recommend the use of a lead-acid battery which gives extremely long running times. The salvage crane can lower various loads over the model‘s stern and retrieve them again.

Crew figures and buoy set are not included in the kit.