Lisa M

Krick Modellbau
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Lisa M - Motor Yacht

Part No.: K20320
Scale: 1:25
Length: 690mm
Beam: 205mm
Height: 310mm

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The hull is deep-drawn from ABS and thus ensures absolutely simple installation of the drive unit with the best possible water-tightness and safety while driving.All parts of the cabin are laser cut from plywood. This easy construction method is ideal for the beginner to learn basic knowledge and to guide you through to completion of a beautiful model.The deck is made of one piece of plywood and contains a large opening for easy access to the interior. The complete assembly can be removed in one piece.All fitting parts, made of plastic or metal, are included in the kit.
A powerful 480 class motor with interference suppression capacitors, cables and flexible coupling is included as drive unit. Detailed instructions with many step-by-step illustrations and a 1:1 construction plan are also included.
The dinghy is available as an additional kit. But even without a dinghy at the stern, this model looks great.
The Lisa M is a typical motor yacht, as found in all ports and marinas around the world. Straightforward, classic design with great elegance and great sailing comfort at comparatively high cruising speeds characterise this type of yacht. And these properties can also be transferred to the model on a scale of 1:25.